Catch-up Lesson, Refresher Courses and Fifth Sessions

As a result of weather conditions, sickness or something else sometimes lessons are missed and you will windsurf less than we hoped. We don’t want that! Therefore we have a few periods reserved so that missed lessons can be caught up. Catch-up dates are given below. Please indicate if you would like to attend.

We have also notice that sometime people wait a little bit too long for their fifth lesson on the beginners courses and are then less confident to hit the water alone. The dates below can then also be used for catch-up on missed ‘fifth sessions’.

Finally, if you just want to refresh these catch-up periods will also be perfect for you so just sign up. Then you only pay board and equipment hire of € 45 per session.


PLEASE let us know at least one week before hand if you would like to join a refresher course session.

There is an administration fee of € 15 for second or more catch-up lessons to encourage compliance to course program time-tables.

Dates for Catch-up lessons:

8 juni om 12 uur;
29 juni om 11 uur;
30 juni om 15.30 uur;
13 juli om 11 uur;
21 juli om 15.30 uur;
10 augustus om 15.30 uur;
1 september 13.15 uur;
9 september 15.30 uur;
6 oktober om 15.30 uur.
7 sept 11 uur English;
21 sept 11 uur English.


For progressive course: 

1 juni om 15.00 uur;English
29 september 11 pm
13 oktober om 3.30 pm.  


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