Equipment storage

At our beautiful new facility we have some additional storage lockers available. Be quick!

container 01

Equipment storage lockers are available in three sizes: narrow (72-76 cm), wide (82-84 cm) and extra-wide (87cm). Each locker in 3 m deep. Annual lockers space rental is: € 265 per year.  Extra-wide lockers are only available to those who need them (e.g. slalom equipment).


You get your own container key which you share with 14 other windsurfers. Each locker provides easy access and is large enough for one board, boom, masts and 2 or 3 sails. For some with smaller equipment they manage to get two boards in!

The equipment in the lockers is NOT insured and placed at the risk of the owner.

If you want to rent a locker all you need is to provide a copy of your ID, a digital photo and your contact details.

Opening hours 2024


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
15.00 - 21.00 h.

Saturday and Sunday
 10.15 - 18.00 h.