Boards and Sails for the complete novice to the advanced windsurfer


At Surfcenter Ijburg we work mainly with Starboard windsurf boards:

The Starboard Rio: is the ideal board for every beginner. Because the board has a retractable dagger-board it is highly suited to learners as they progress towards confident planning and directed sailing. First experience with foot-straps and trapeze can also be easily made with these boards. Despite the volume and stability of the boards they plan easily in a good breeze. We also have Vipers from Fanatic boards. A lot of people have their first taste of planning and the real freedom of windsurfing on one of our Rio’s of Viper’s.

Starboard Go or Atom: at 150 litres is the next step. These boards have sufficient volume, and therefore float, for even large adults to up-haul a sails while standing on the board. But these boards have no dagger-board and are smaller and light allowing faster planning and sailing and making the ideal transition boards to more specialized equipment. Due to the volume, large number of tuning options and ride characteristics there are perfect family-boards.

Freeride and Freestyle boards: We have various more specialized boards (including the newest equipment from Starboard). The higher volumes offer the best solution for those making the step toward free-ride or even racing boards, but for more experienced sailors they also make perfect platforms of light-wind free-ride sailing. We rent various boards from Starboard in volumes of 100 – 150 litres. From Starboard: Go, Atom, Futura, Carve, Kode and Flare (freestyle). Other brands and products available include: Tabou Rocket, Fanatic Ray, Mistral Screamer.

SUPS and inflatables: We also have a range of Stand-Up Paddle boards, Whoppers, and inflatable WindSUP.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: from wind speeds of 24 knots we only rent equipment to windsurfers who are comfortable sailing in foot-straps and trapeze!


Windsurf School Sails

We have training and learning sails (dacron) in a full range of sizes: 2m2, 3m2, 3.6 m2, 4.3 m2 and 5 m2. These sails are extremely light and have specially adapted masts and booms for beginners. The range of sizes also allow progression as you gain more power control.

Performance Sails

We stock a range of sails from leading manufacturers: Severve (e.g. Blade, Freek, Gator, NC, Element); Tushingham (Storm, T4); North (Natural and S-Type); Gaastra (Matrix). All sails are rigged with 40% or 70% carbon masts.
Reservation for rental are not possible.

Clothing and Wetsuits

We have childrens’ wetsuits and clothing for hire for all types of weather: ‘steamers’ for cold weather and ‘shorties’ when the sun is out. Sailing shoes in all sizes are also available. Children MUST wear a life-vest at all times during lessons. Sailing shoes are also compulsory during lessons. Above wind force 4bft adults are also expect to wear floatation vests for safety.

Opening hours 2024

  Saturday and Sunday
open for lessons and rental from 10.15-18.00 h.