Beginners Courses

Adults – Max 8 persons – 10 hours

10 hours windsurfing lessons for € 245,- per person
(Includes use of equipment)

Course Details:
In a reserved area directly in front of the Surfcenter we will take you from the start, to being able to: sail a course in any direction, using a dagger-board, tack and jibe (turning into and away from the wind), rig, and some basic knowledge of equipment. The course consists of four 2 hours lessons at fixed times and a fifth 2 hour lesson in which you will be free to focus on practicing where you think you need to focus, under the watchful eye and guidance of one of our instructors. The fifth lesson can be scheduled as suits you (and of course as long as we are open…).

Course dates and registration

Children’s Courses

4 x 2 hour lessons

The lessons can be take either as:

- Four 2-hours lessons at fixed times over consecutive weeks or
- Four 2-hour lessons on consecutive days in a course week.

We try to organise the courses in age specific groups: children of approximately 10-12 years old and children of approximately 12-15 years old. The regular course is €175 per participant and; the week long Windsurf-Camp in the summer vacation period is €380 per participant.

Course Details:
The beginners’ course for young children is orientated towards being a fun familiarisation with the sport and is orientated towards the basic principles of sailing and windsurfing. The older children will be taken a bit further with: sailing different ‘courses’ or directions, tacking into the wind, and in most cases starting to jibe and turn away from the wind. All courses include the use of equipment, wetsuits, life-jackets and sailing shoes.

 Course dates and registration

Follow-up/Improver Course

Adults – Max 6 persons – 8 hours

8 hours windsurfing lessons for € 199,- per person
(Includes use of equipment)

Course Details:
During the Follow-up/Improver course you will improve your skills further. We will start to: sail ‘closer to the wind’, tack faster, attack planning jibe and improve your stance and positioning on the board. By setting out courses with buoys you will be forced to really direct your sailing and improve the precision of your turning. During this course you will improve your board control.

Course dates and registration

Advanced Courses

Adults Advanced Course (Follow-up/Improver II)

8 hours windsurfing lessons for € 195 per person
(Includes use of equipment)

Course Details:
You have already mastered basic manoeuvres and during the Follow-up/Improver II course you will improve further.

The basis of the course is 10 hours of practice time under the guidance of an instructor who will supervise a small group but who will give you personal tuition and tips to improve your sailing. The course deals with: tacking on smaller boards, planning jibes and different stances during sailing to improve speed and control. It is also possible to start to learn your first free-style moves and techniques such as: clew-first sailing and heli-tacks. The advanced course is the step towards full-planning sailing in the trapeze and foot-straps…

 Course dates and registration

Private lessons and instruction

Maak kennis met windsurfen!
Met een introductie maak je slechts kennis met het windsurfen, terwijl je met een een cursus zelfstandig leert windsurfen. We streven bij de cursussen naar een groepsgrootte van 6 personen.

Bekijk hier de Cursuskalender.

(Her)- Introductieles Privé 3 uur
Twee uur les en één uur oefenen.
1 persoon 2 uur les plus 1 uur oefenen € 160,-
2 personen 3 uur € 120,- per persoon,
In principe vooraf afspraak maken ivm beschikbaarheid instructie.

Introductie Groep 2 uur
Tijdens deze introductie kun je proeven aan het windsurfen, maar je leert niet echt het board
controleren. Wel kun je uitvinden of het wat voor je is. De kosten zijn € 60,- per persoon
en we werken met 4 tot maximaal 8 personen. Alle materiaal is inbegrepen.
te vinden bij de cursuskalender.

Privéles per uur, beginner of gevorderd
Privéles 1 persoon: 1 uur € 75,- 2 personen € 60 pp,-
3 personen €55,- pp, alles inclusief materiaal
Trapezegebruik, beachstart, waterstart, powergijp etc. tot CWO niveau 3.

Privécursus beginners 6 uur les plus twee uur extra oefenen
Privéles 1 of 2 personen:

Eén persoon €425,-; twee personen € 350,- en 3 personen € 275 per persoon (inclusief gebruik materiaal):
Opbouw van start naar volledig alle koersen kunnen varen, overstag en gijpen,
zwaardgebruik, eventueel beachstart, basiskennis materiaal en optuigen.

Bij de lessen maken we o.a. gebruik van een simulator op het strand.
Lessen zijn inclusief gebruik materiaal, surfpak, schoenen en drijfvest.

Inschrijving en informatie via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bij de lessen en verhuur zijn de Algemene voorwaarden van toepassing.{backbutton}